Plants can communicate with one another, sense their environment, and react to danger. But can they suffer?

A person with their head leaned all the way back holding a bunch of long-stemmed flowers in their mouth like a vase.
Photo: cottonbro via Pexels

Plants are sensitive. Some can hear the sounds of a munching caterpillar and respond by releasing defensive chemicals. Others can smell scents as subtle as that of an approaching animal. Many can see light using photoreceptors, and certain carnivorous plants can even feel the footsteps of their prey. …

The origin of the original plant-based meat is clouded with multiple theories

‘An Elegant Party’ (detail) by Emperor Huizong of Song (r. 1100–1125 AD) via Patricia Ebrey’s Cambridge Illustrated History of China (1999)/Wikimedia Commons

Plant-based meats are exploding on the American market. Over the past two years alone, we’ve seen a 37.1% surge in their sales, with even more dramatic growth projected for 2020. Burger King credits their best quarter in four years to their new Impossible Whopper, and Dunkin’ Donuts easily doubled expected…

Macken Murphy

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